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Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc is a IRS 501C3 Publicly Supported Tax Exempt Charitable Organization


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WQRZ-LP is a Non-Profit Non-Commercial Educational Radio Station, currently operating out of the Hancock County Emergency Operations Center, in Kiln Mississippi.

WQRZ-LP was instrumental in delivering vital information to residents of Hancock County before, during and after Hurricane Katrina.

As the tides were surging upon the gulf coast, Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. President Brice Phillips relocated himself and much of his communications equipment to the Hancock County EOC.  There he became an integral part of the communications system, in essence the only lifeline out of Hancock County.

As a HAM radio operator, Mr. Phillips provided the government with communications services at no cost to the Local, State, or Federal Government. This is why HAM radio was created and has proven it-self time and time again, especially following Hurricane Katrina. Because of the involvement of volunteer communication service providers, Hancock County was the first to be assigned a National Communications System station ID following Hurricane Katrina

As the recovery effort began in early September of 2005, Mr. Phillips' radio station was the only source for local information and the only operating radio station in Hancock County.  WQRZ-LP passed on extremely valuable data, as to where to get food, water, and clothing, as well as shelter locations and Red Cross, FEMA, and other disaster assistance providers.

For his efforts, Brice Phillips was awarded both the SBA National Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contribution to Disaster Recovery by a Volunteer, theSBA Mississippi Outstanding Contribution to Disaster Recovery Award and State of Mississippi Governor's Inititive for Volunteer Excellence (GIVE) Award in 2006 by Haley Barbour.

WQRZ-LP 103.5 is 100% managed, staffed, run and is being re-constructed by volunteer Persons with Disabilities.

Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. Constitutional Objectives
1. To provide information services for our community to help protect the safety of life, health, or property.
2. To encourage and promote interest in the “ART” of radio.
3. To encourage and promote good community relations.
4. To encourage and promote community emergency and disaster preparedness.
5. To help provide the community with communications systems for information dissemination for the area served
6. To achieve emergency operations of all communications systems.
7. To insist upon strict compliance with the rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.
8. To provide education training for the disabled


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Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
A Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation Serving Since 1994
POST OFFICE BOX 1145 KILN, MS. 39556-1145

228-463-1035 – WQRZ STUDIO LINES



1-877-818-WQRZ  toll free line... for evacuee use

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