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Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc is a IRS 501C3 Publicly Supported Tax Exempt Charitable Organization


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WQRZ-LP is a Non-Profit Non-Commercial Educational Radio Station, currently operating out of the Hancock County Emergency Operations Center, in Kiln Mississippi.

WQRZ-LP was instrumental in delivering vital information to residents of Hancock County before, during and after Hurricane Katrina.

As the tides were surging upon the gulf coast, Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. President Brice Phillips relocated himself and much of his communications equipment to the Hancock County EOC.  There he became an integral part of the communications system, in essence the only lifeline out of Hancock County.

As a HAM radio operator, Mr. Phillips provided the government with communications services at no cost to the Local, State, or Federal Government. This is why HAM radio was created and has proven it-self time and time again, especially following Hurricane Katrina. Because of the involvement of volunteer communication service providers, Hancock County was the first to be assigned a National Communications System station ID following Hurricane Katrina

As the recovery effort began in early September of 2005, Mr. Phillips' radio station was the only source for local information and the only operating radio station in Hancock County.  WQRZ-LP passed on extremely valuable data, as to where to get food, water, and clothing, as well as shelter locations and Red Cross, FEMA, and other disaster assistance providers.

For his efforts, Brice Phillips was awarded both the SBA National Phoenix Award for Outstanding Contribution to Disaster Recovery by a Volunteer, theSBA Mississippi Outstanding Contribution to Disaster Recovery Award and State of Mississippi Governor's Inititive for Volunteer Excellence (GIVE) Award in 2006 by Haley Barbour.

WQRZ-LP 103.5 is 100% managed, staffed, run and is being re-constructed by volunteer Persons with Disabilities.

Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. Constitutional Objectives
1. To provide information services for our community to help protect the safety of life, health, or property.
2. To encourage and promote interest in the “ART” of radio.
3. To encourage and promote good community relations.
4. To encourage and promote community emergency and disaster preparedness.
5. To help provide the community with communications systems for information dissemination for the area served
6. To achieve emergency operations of all communications systems.
7. To insist upon strict compliance with the rules set forth by the Federal Communications Commission.
8. To provide education training for the disabled


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Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc.
A Non-Profit 501c3 Corporation Serving Since 1994
POST OFFICE BOX 1145 KILN, MS. 39556-1145

228-463-1035 – WQRZ STUDIO LINES



1-877-818-WQRZ  toll free line... for evacuee use

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Our Mission

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Donate Using Pay-Pal Today!!!

 Hancock County Amateur Radio Association, Inc. EIN# 64-0943364 P.O. Box 1145 Kiln, Ms. 39556-1145
Attachment to Part 2 line 1 IRS Form 1023 Recognition of exemption 501(c)3
HCARA, Inc. was organized in 1994 to provide a service to the community through the education, promotion and encouragement of training for Amateur Radio Service operators, the promotion of emergency disaster preparedness in the community, promotion of good community relations, promote community service volunteerism and to make resources available to concerned organizations in the case of national or local emergency
HCARA, Inc. has provided training and support for many individuals to achieve their own accomplishments and educational pursuits since it's inception by volunteers over the past 9 years. Classes were conducted free of charge by volunteer Amateur Radio operators. Supporting study materials were donated by the organization to the local public library.
 HCARA, Inc. has been a sponsor of one Amateur Radio Service repeater and began to collect, rebuild and reserve equipment for future expansion.
1. Our Amateur Radio Service program goals are Educational, Scientific, Literary and Charitable in nature and will continue to be an asset to the community by :
A. Providing, sponsoring, and continuing maintenance of an Amateur Radio Service communications facility with multiple resources open to help provide a backbone of Amateur Radio Service repeater systems, linking to other Amateur Radio Service repeaters in adjacent geographical areas, and portable radio communications units for volunteering Amateur Radio Operators to use to help facilitate communications disaster disruptions, needs and relief to national, local public service agencies and other disaster related organizations to help with the safety of life, health or property of every citizen for the area served.
B. Sponsorship of the local repeater systems will help provide educational and scientific value through the ongoing use of the Amateur Radio Service communications carried on by licensed Amateur Radio operators that is open to the general public for reception, provide an outlet to encourage and attract more active participation without prejudice or discrimination, support more community interaction, host community demonstration projects and/or experiments, excite interest in persons wishing to become licensed Amateur Radio Operators, as well as, host radio related discussions and training exercises to further the proficiency of Amateur Radio Service volunteers who aid public service agencies or technical discussions about, experimentation with or related to the advancement of the "Art" of radio.
C. Providing educational and literary needs related to Amateur Radio Service through distribution of training and related materials and/or books to be donated to the public library system to assist interested parties in training for, wish to self educate and gain more knowledge about, and/or lack the resources to aquire study guides, printed materials or need a local contact resource to gain more information to become or learn more about Amateur Radio, electronic communications, theory and all aspects of radio.
D. Production of radio programs for broadcast, sponsoring and/or conducting basic classes by volunteers to prepare and assist persons wishing to aquire their Federal Communications Commission issued Amateur Radio Operator's license without a fee.
E. Research, build, operate and maintain emergency power and alternative power capabilities for the Amateur Radio Service communications facility and transmitter location to continue to help provide a vital and necessary service in the preparation of any foreseeable or unforeseeable (national, homeland, state or local) community natural or man-made disaster. Currently, our Amateur Radio Service program goals are in ongoing expansion and construction phase of five more voice repeaters, one Amateur TV repeater, one data node repeater server with multiple inputs, linking subsystems to other geographical adjacent Amateur Service repeater owners (that wish to participate), construction of the repeater building and by building up a radio room of individual portable self-contained voice/video/data communications units to be "checked out and deployed" to try to help assist any federal, state or local public service emergency communications center, disaster related relief organizations command posts, and disaster medical related organization posts by volunteering Amateur Radio Service operators that are dedicated and willing to serve in community public service capacities to help facilitate the safety of life, health or property.
Long range future plans (five or more years away) for the Amateur Radio Service Program will be in active promotion, continued educational instruction, community demonstration projects, sponsorship of local science fairs and the donation of educational kits, aids and materials for teachers/instructors in both public and private local area educational institutions.
2. Our Radio Broadcast program goals have just begun. We have just added this program service within the last two years. The educational, scientific and charitable functions are complementry-simplementary to our Amateur Service program and that we have taken our community protection service through the "ART" of radio to the next level of duty. We will fulfill our goals by:
A. Building, maintaining and operation of a non-commercial educational broadcast station issued by the Federal Communications Commission and maintaining a source for the retransmission of the Emergency Alert System for safety of life, health or property that is easily accessible directly to the general public within the community of service.
B. Serving the public through radio programming will consist of:
1. Public presentation of accurate, objective and comprehensive news and weather events that affect the community of service.
2. Public presentation of civic events and to host public discussion forums to enhance good inter-community relations, individual civil rights, civic duties and responsibilities.
3. Production of emergency/disaster/hurricane preparedness type programs for broadcast to help educate and empower existing persons, families and new migrants to the area, to build a more disaster resistant community.
4. Production and presentation of music, cultural events and artistic related programs for enrichment of the community.
5. Production, presentation and instruction of Amateur Radio Service training, information and forums to educate and advance to knowledge of persons interested.
6. Production, sponsoring and presentation of volunteer community service programs or other program services available or potentially available to actively develop, enrich, empower and advance community civic duties, citizen responsibilities, cultural and moral values within the community.
7. Production, sponsoring and presentation of support programs, vocational, employment resources, opportunities, educational information programming and hosting public forums for persons with disabilities within the community.
8. Production and presentation of public service announcements from governmental units, non-profit groups and other community welfare organizations for community awareness. (job opportunities, health and human services news, environmental, energy, civic participation, crime protection, constitutional issues, etc.)
9. Community news bulletins and activities that vitally affect the community.
10. Production, sponsoring and presentation of scientific, educational programming that raises public awareness related to scientific and technical industries located within the community and surrounding areas. (i.e. NASA, Polymers, etc.)
C. Vocational, educational training, employment, future broadcast media communications instructional courses with primary focus for persons with disabilities.
D. Research, build, operate and maintain emergency power and alternative power capabilities for the broadcast studio facility and transmitter location to continue to provide a informational service to the community in the preparation of a foreseeable or unforeseeable national, natural or man-made disaster that can affect every person in the community of service.
E. Maintenance of an community informational website for local information, bulletins, an event calendar, resources for persons with disabilities and general public empowerment zone.
Currently our first broadcast facility is under construction. Initial goal is to comply with the rules and requirements set forth by Federal Communications Commission under which we were issued our first construction permit. Short range goals for the broadcast program are to aquire all studio, production programming equipment, remote pickup functions, achieve uninteruptable power source needs to maintain constant basic functionality.
Long range plans for broadcast goals are to build a permanent studio facility and to employ persons with disabilities, and eventually develop a training course for broadcast communications. Both programs share equal time resources and are currently performed by volunteers without compensation.
Amateur Radio Service program will continue to be volunteer staffed.
Broadcast Service program is and will be performed by volunteers until the achievement of self sufficiency and better financial stability, then, there will be a slow phase in process of minimum staff employment positions.





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